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What to Expect

Courses at BBL unique in that they incorporate interactive sessions, instructor performances, clinics and workshops and designed for players on every level!  Our full curriculum layout is structured to cover every area of music primarily from the bass perspective.  Subjects you can expect to be covered include everything from the basics such as technique development, groove development, tuning, and rhythmic patterns, etc. to more advanced subjects like music theory, history, music law, advanced composition, business concepts, music technology, and more.

Things You Will Learn as a Beginner Player

  • How to Maximize Quality of Practice Time

  • Overall Understanding of Bass Guitar Tecniques

  • Scales, Power Chords, Harmonics, String Muting

  • Warm Ups & Finger Techniques

  • And more!

Things You Will Learn as an Intermediate Player

  • Various Rhythmic Patterns such as Shuffle & Swing

  • How to Apply Scales & Modes

  • Routine Exercises to Increase Stamina & Dexterity

  • Alternate Tuning Experiments

  • Learning & Applying Circle of Fifths

  • Diatonic Scale Exercises

  • Technical Aspect of Tritones & Whole Tones

  • And more!


Things You Will Learn as an Advanced Player

  • Sight Reading

  • Advanced Theory

  • The Importance of Being Versatile

  • How to Master the Fretboard

  • A Meaningful Contribution in Band Setting

  • How to Remain a "Well Rounded" Bassist

  • Music Business

  • Music Law

  • Contracts

  • And more!

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